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Obtain a concrete valuation figure from Islam & Co in Merseyside. We’re more than happy to provide a complete valuation service, as we provide a range of options that result in an efficient solution. Be confident in the value of your enterprise, or ensure that you are receiving a value-for-money offer. Whatever your reason for our valuation service, you won’t be disappointed with the accuracy of our results.

Ensure an Efficient Transaction

Valuations are at the core of most corporate transactions, either from an acquisition or disposal purpose, because of a shareholder dispute, or for restructuring purposes. A post-transaction valuation could also be necessary in circumstances when adjustments to purchase prices within a certain timeframe is embedded within a sale and purchase agreement.

Each and every valuation is complex in its own right, so our services are provided by a team with an in depth understanding of the transactional, regulatory, and legal environment. The complex nature of valuations requires a simple approach from the professional advisor, which is what we pride ourselves on at Islam & Co. Our approach is to:

  • Provide an expert opinion on a wide range of valuation scenarios, and explain it in plain English, encompassing all the technical and commercial aspects of the valuations and pinpointing the key considerations, while maintaining a service that is both objective and independent.
  • We understand the range of factors affecting the value of a business, and perform in-depth analysis of these factors as part of the valuation process but present them in a concise way to facilitate understanding.
  • We treat each assignment on its own merits as we understand that each client's business is different. Therefore, in each assignment we evaluate the key value drivers, the context for the valuation, and any alternative valuation methodologies which could add further value.

Our Services

We provide three different types of valuation:

Transactional Valuations

  • Transactional valuations for M&A and fundraising.
  • Providing fairness opinions.
  • Acting as an expert witness.
  • Assisting with breach of warranty claims and shareholder disputes.

Technical Valuations

  • Assessing assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS, UK GAAP, and US GAAP requirements.
  • Investments and the fair value of intangible assets.
  • Purchase price allocation analysis.
  • The issuing of share options to employees.
  • Valuing intellectual property.

Tax Valuations

  • Performing valuations for the purposes of transferring assets within a group.
  • Conducting arm’s length valuations for tax purposes.
  • Undertaking valuations for capital gains purposes.
  • Valuing assets for transfer pricing purposes where transactions cross international tax jurisdictions.

Contact our transactional analysis team, in Merseyside, to receive a complete business valuation.